Healing Begins In Courageous Conversations

Warrior’s Rest Foundation is on a mission to help First Responders heal from frontline traumas and empower them to live healthy, productive lives - personally and professionally.

Working with First Responder Agencies
to Mitigate the Damage of Frontline Trauma

Warrior's Rest is building healthy and resilient frontline warriors by creating infrastructures that prioritize emotional health and physical wellness to protect career longevity. Agencies we serve include Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Communications Officers, and Corrections.

We provide…



We offer Post Critical Incident Seminars, as well as workshops on Critical Incident Stress Management. Our training includes mentorship and education on how to apply techniques in stressful situations.

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We train First Responders to lead peer support teams for their agency. Participants are equipped to provide ongoing support and are taught how to maintain the health of their teams over time.

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We utilize resources on critical topics including addiction, suicide, and emotional survival for First Responders and their families. Our team has a database of recommendations for further growth.

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At Warrior’s Rest, we provide programs to support First Responders, their partners, and families who have experienced significant traumas due to job-related incidents. Our resources are led by First Responders and First Responder Clinicians, who have firsthand experience applying crisis intervention techniques in exceptionally difficult environments.

Our program foundations include intervention, education, counseling, and peer support.

Healing Begins in Courageous Conversation

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Receive Training

Our First Responders and First Responder Clinicians provide seminars, workshops, mentorship, and education.

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Support Peers

After training, team leaders are equipped to lead their agency team in ongoing support within the workplace.

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Begin Healing

Through peer support and ongoing tools we provide on critical topics, First Responders can begin healing.


About Warrior’s Rest

Since 2018, Warrior’s Rest has been empowering resilience in First Responders, their partners, and their families. Agencies we serve include Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Communications Officers, and Corrections. 

Through peer support teams, workshops, and educational tools, Warrior’s Rest is shifting the stigma that surrounds job-related trauma with programs that support healthy individuals and build infrastructure within agencies.