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Warrior's Rest Foundation's mission goes beyond preparing First Responders for their job. We also aim to empower heroes & help them heal from the trauma that impacts their personal lives. These classes teach First Responders how their careers impact their family life and help them discover ways to mitigate the negative impacts of trauma so they can have successful careers, families, and retirement. We also provide information and techniques to sustain peer support teams and other departmental supports for the long haul. If you would like to have one of these trainings at your agency, contact Warrior's Rest Foundation today.

Warrior's Rest Foundation Courses


Emotional Survival

This class is based on Dr. Kevin Gilmartin’s book, Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement, but we tailor the class to fit not only law enforcement, but all first responders and emergency services personnel. The goal is to help law enforcement/first responder personnel understand how these careers can impact their personal and family life, as well as ways to mitigate the negative impact so they can have a successful career, family and retirement.
2 contact hours

What is Substance Abuse/Dependency

Too often, we find ourselves wanting to escape the trauma of the job. Frequently, we turn to substances and harmful behaviors to provide that escape. No one is immune from finding themselves on a path to substance abuse or dependence. This class helps create awareness and understanding of how someone can end up on that path, warning signs and the process to recovery.
1.5 contact hours
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Understanding Suicide

Law enforcement officers and first responders are more likely to die from suicide than in the performance of their job. Staying silent about suicide has only increased this statistic. This class is intended to increase awareness of the factors that can lead to suicide, as well as indicators that someone may be contemplating suicide.  In addition, we will discuss crisis communication techniques and ways to have courageous conversations in order to help individuals contemplating suicide get the assistance they need and deserve.
2 contact hours
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Sustaining a Peer Team: Keeping Your Peer Support Team Healthy and Effective

In order for Peer Support Teams to be effective and productive, it is essential that they continue to develop and grow. This class identifies the factors that can impact the success or failure of a peer team, such as the selection process, training, leadership, roles, SOPs/policies, succession planning, confidentiality/credibility and self-care. We will look at “lessons learned” and best practices for nurturing and sustaining a productive and successful peer support team.
4 contact hours

Post Critical Incident Seminar

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