Peer Support Teams

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Warrior’s Rest utilizes a peer support model to equip First Responders with the tools and training they need to have long-lasting career success and thrive in personal relationships.

First Responders are taught how to become physically strong and safe on the job, but rarely are they trained how to become emotionally resilient. By implementing a peer support training model, agency leaders can empower their people and teams to process trauma in a healthy way.

Participants in our peer support training are equipped to lead their agency team in ongoing support within their workplace. Team leaders are taught how to select members, facilitate support, implement resources, and maintain the health of these teams over time.

The transformative effects of holistic health are wide-reaching: fewer sick days, careers that reach retirement, lowered suicide rates, and healthier family dynamics with fewer divorces. Warrior’s Rest builds resilient professionals and creates an environment for emotionally healthy warriors for career longevity.

This training is part of our ICISF offerings, specifically part of the CISM classes.